Preventive care is the most important for maintaining the health of your pet this includes the preventive measures that should be routinely taken to keep your pet healthy. Since animals age more rapidly than humans, it is best if the diseases are detected at early stages.

Get your pet checked at least thrice a year. Together we can monitor your pet’s wellness. Preventive health care saves you and your pet from unnecessary stress and larger financial burdens in the long run. Contact us now and get a Free Consultation! Three annual physical examination is advisable, during this we carry out following to assess the health of your pet.

⇒ Check Vaccination Status
⇒ Parasite control for internal parasites / heartworms
⇒ Oral health checkup
⇒ Nutrition, Weight control and Exercise status.
⇒ Ears, hygiene / eye care
⇒ liver, lungs & kidney functions
⇒ cardiac check up
⇒ mobility / lameness and orthopedic deformities
⇒ Skin & coat
⇒ Behavioral disorders